The windows updates take a lot of space. As now 7k passed the windows updates are beeing paused for the moment, as the hash codes started to vary.

Now with CentOS support

For the wide range of CentOS compatible setups with dnf and rpm as buzzwords, we now have CentOS support for such a client added. First setup a link to the download repository: If the command config-manager is not known you have to install some dnf plugins first and try again: With that new repo added… Continue reading Now with CentOS support

5000 entries reached

With the new cluster of work horses the next step reaching 5000 entries was easy. Now lets see what the 10k number will feel like!

4000 Entries reached

Even with a small cluster of servers and workstations we now have monitored 4000 entries of packages with hashes validated up to 20 times and more. The system seems somewhat stable so far, some minor runtime glitches where identified and for sure fixed. So feel free to jump on the binary transparency train.

New feeds for fresh entries

You can get the RSS feed directly out of the database. And we do have an Atom variant too. Fresh entries to your doorstep.

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Apt insert and update catched

All the apt insert and update events where received and handled. Only trust the things you have seen yourself. So we did run an intensive initial test. Just now a medium sized upgrade was handled by bintra and everything worked well. So this ProofOfConcept phase seems to succeed!

Initial prototype

The first running initial prototype is ready. Installations of debian packages are now monitored and the hashes are upcounted for binary transparency. Next stop is the decision making if and when to give an alert back. And tons of polish for user automation.